Thursday, January 29, 2009

Being the Change

Improbably, this innocent-looking pair of eyeglasses symbolizes a journey of personal growth. First of all, I have had these glasses far longer than any other pair in my life because I can’t afford to replace them. New eyeglasses have been demoted in priority. In the past, I took for granted the benefits and entitlements of The American Middle Class. No longer. I remember the woman I was, oblivious to the fragility of a paycheck, but that women is four years gone.

I wouldn’t want to have that old me back. She was more shallow than I am, she was more arrogant than I am, she was living with blinders on. She would have had a problem with the cobbled-together repair to the earpiece.

Yes, she knew the things that were really important—health, family, living honorably. Service to others, to her Town. She knew those things. But she knew them through a thick glass of material comfort.

I know now that comfort has a different definition. Once you are tempered by adversity—real adversity—your perspective on “things” changes, irrevocably. So, eyeglasses break and can be repaired many times. They can even be repaired with an artistic flourish. Who will care that my earpiece is tipped with a glob of seed beads? That other Alyson would have cared, would have felt deprived.

The current Alyson’s opinion:

Puhleeze . . . . Everything is relative.


Tess said...

Wonderful post. Great idea for an eyeglass repair. Seed beads are wonderful, aren't they?!

MyTreasures/ said...

I can relate to this and the seed beads. I love the seed beads!

Sherri S said...

I just had to purchase reading glasses for the first time in my life. 44, midlife. One has flown the coup ...the other is teetering on the edge of the nest and thinks she is grown. I've been a frugal mom for many years raising two kids on a single income (except for a short while I work 2 jobs). I am enjoying your blog.

Dawn said...

How often do I go out with paint, glue etc. on my glasses.... great post :-)

Sandy said...

I hear you Sister! We work and work hard, and what little we have means a whole lot more. - Oh, an my glasses are glued together.

Cathy said...

Hi Alyson,

You've been chosen as one of my PIF members! And I will be sending you a PIF within the next 365 days--hopefully much less than that.
Could you please send me your snail mail addy so I can have it when I'm ready to send - that way it will be more of a surprise. Thank you!


Crystal Velvet Weddings said...

what a great idea. Are they comfortable to wear?

Anonymous said...

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You write wonderfully, I'll keep following your blog.